The standalone cameras in the latest smartphones have a broad array of advanced features that sometimes surpass a regular camera. Apart from the inbuilt camera app in your Android device, there are many other camera apps in Google Play Store that you can download. The best camera app for Android features a lot of advanced technologies that amaze people. It is truly astonishing what a smartphone can do.

While shooting from your Android camera is great, these additional apps can actually reveal things about photography that you did know even know you needed. From real-time filters to manual controls and creative extras, these apps are loaded with so many features. Here are a few of the best camera apps for Android that feature in the top lists.

ProCam X – The overall best Android Camera app

ProCam X is $5 in Google Play Store, and it ranges from the simple layout of an auto mode to a full-fledged manual mode with exposure comparisons, focus mode, and other features. You can record time-lapse videos and slow-motion videos from ProCam X. There is also an inbuilt interval meter that allows you to shoot stop motion and long exposures. Made by Intermedia Inc., this app lets you be the professional photographer you want to be, in seconds. 

Candy Camera

For selfie fanatics, Candy Camera offers a range of real-time filters that you can play around while taking selfies. These filters lay on top of your photos and add different features to them. It is free on Google Play Store, and you can download it to enjoy a variety of stickers on top of your shots as well. There are quick makeup fixes and other beauty tools that flatter your selfie and make it Instagram-worthy. 

Camera FV-5 Lite

Who wants to control their smartphone camera like a DSLR? If so, this is the best free Android camera app that you can download from Google Play Store. Since Camera FV-5 Lite has limited features, you may want to jump into the standard version after checking how awesome it is. It has real-time exposure and ISO information with the ability to record time-lapses. 

Open Camera

With no in-app purchases, this comes as a free app for Android phones and tablets. This, you can say, is the best free camera app for Android in terms of its full-fledged features. This app features focus modes, HD video recording, scene modes, handy remote control modes, dynamic range optimization modes, and many more. 


Comprises a lot of photography features such as fascinating camera lenses, stabilizer timers, and quality, Cymera has over 100 million downloads in the Android world. It has all the fancy features any user would want, such as filters, photo editing tools, body-reshaping tools, and many others. 

Camera Zoom FX 

For phone photography, you can use Camera Zoom FX to bring DSLR-worthy techniques. Google Play Store has rated Camera Zoom FX as one of the must-haves for all phone photographers. It features RAW capture, manual DSLR controls, focus distance, shutter speed, and many other fascinating features any photographer would want. 

FiLMiC Pro 

Gone are the times that you needed a DSLR for video recording. You can say that FiLMiC Pro is the best video camera app for Android as it features everything a video camera has and more. Going at $15 on Google Play Store, this app is for serious videographers who love to record their motions in a classy manner. 

Wrapping up:

These 7 best camera apps for Android 2020 will make your photography an interesting one. 

Who remembers the times we had to carry huge cameras to take photos and videos? Gone are those ancient days, and here we are, holding Android smartphones with the same capacity and more. Even though not professionally, people like taking pictures, selfies, and videos, especially the ones with smartphones. When it comes to Android, it comes with a standard camera that is quite amusing. But the experience can get way better with these 7 best camera apps for Android 2020, and their features. It is the experience of a professional photographer on a phone that makes the whole thing exciting. Get your own downloaded today, and enjoy unlimited entertainment capturing your favorite moments.


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