From a full-fledged workout to every day strolling, a fitness tracker can help you keep an eye on your overall health. Just like in every industry and merchandise, there is a vast array of choices when it comes to fitness trackers. You must invest in something that does not waste your time and does a proper job. Often, some companies deceive their customers, causing them to purchase counterfeit and fake products. Most people waste their money and time on buying cheap fitness tracker in terms of performance. But if you really research and study about fitness trackers, you can find the best fitness tracker under $50 that suits your lifestyle.

What is a fitness tracker? – finding the best fitness tracker under $50

Finding an affordable fitness tracker is one thing. But finding what a fitness tracker is, is a whole different thing. People often think fitness trackers are a waste of money and do not want to spend a fortune on them. The truth is, you definitely do not have to spend a fortune on a fitness tracker, and you can easily find a good one under $50.

A fitness tracker can do many things. It can monitor your bodily functions and accurately records them. Did you know that some fitness trackers measure your sleep as well? That is why it is crucial to research and find the right fitness tracker for you. Nowadays, fitness trackers come in dazzling varieties and colors. Therefore, here is a guide to finding the best cheap fitness tracker under $50 for your wellbeing.

LETSCOM fitness tracker

LETSCOM fitness tracker, starting at $26.99 online, offers a wide range of features. It tracks and calculates your heart rate in real-time, which is quite useful during heavy cardio workouts. Wear it when you go to bed, and it analyses data on your sleep so that you get a thorough run-through. You can wear it to count your everyday steps as well. It comes with a USB port, which makes it easier to charge on the go. You can carry it anywhere, and once you have fully charged it, the battery lasts for a week. To fully charge the fitness tracker, it only takes 2 hours. You can get all your LETSCOM notifications to your phone when you connect the tracker to your phone.

Lintelek heart rate monitor

Lintelek fitness tracker is a lot of other things while being the best budget fitness tracker. This fitness tracker comes in riot colors and can fit into any one of your moods. Starting only at $30.99 online, this fitness tracker can count your steps, let you know how many calories you have burnt, compute your heart rate, and put through calls and messages as well. You can enjoy a personalized fitness tracking experience with 14 modes of enhanced features.

Mi Fitness Tracker, Xiaomi Brand

Xiaomi is one of the cheapest fitness trackers in China. It focuses on budget users who look for the best inexpensive fitness tracker with all the fancy features. But when you buy one of these, make sure to purchase the US version because the Chinese version does not come with instructions in English. It is an elegant fitness tracker that has all the ergonomics a user would want. You basically get everything to keep track of your daily activities. The band is of smooth material, and even people with sensitive skin can wear it throughout the day.


This is one of the exciting 0fitness trackers you can find under $50. It can track your real-time heart rate and 0blood pressure levels as well. It monitors your sleep and lets you have a thorough run through one you put in your information. Wearing a MorePro band can keep you away from an inactive lifestyle as there is an alarm that goes off if you sit for too long. During hikes, it can be really useful as it has a GPS tracker and a USB port.

Xiaomi Band 4 fitness tracker

This fitness tracker comes with a powerful battery that lasts up to 20 days. It tracks your heart rate 24/7 and is ideal for heavy cardio workouts. Even though the notifications come in Chinese, it is one of the best cheap fitness trackers under $50.


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