Video editing is one of the vigorous tasks a PC user has to do. It needs a powerful CPU for the main work, and while you have all the equipment, you can still use the help of a graphic card to speed up the video effects such as 3D rendering, transitions, and some other effects. Unless you are editing a blockbuster film, you do not need a powerful graphics card to edit your videos. A decent gaming graphics card would take you a long way in your video-editing journey. When there is an option of a graphics card, why suffer? People often wonder what the best graphics card for video editing, when they hear the term. Here are some of the best graphics cards that you can use with all-round graphics processing units (GPUs). 

Selecting the right GPU for your videos

A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is hardware that helps you process images on your screen, whether it is a game, picture, or video. There are two types of GPUs: Integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card. Selecting the type of GPU depends on what you want to do with it. However, the quality of your video will entirely depend on the quality of your GPU. 


EVGA GeForce RTX has the best GPU for video editing. When you want to buy a graphics card, the first thing you should see is if it has the best GPU. Without it, there is actually no point in spending money. Key features of this graphics card include,

  • Display port, HDMI, HDCP
  • PCI – Express x 16 interface
  • 256 memory bit width
  • 496GB/s memory bandwidth 

This powerful AI-enhanced device helps you edit your videos with no delays in editing clips, and no waiting period in the production. You can call this the best GPU for 4K video editing. 


This is the best video card for video editing, especially with its amazing features. With a 16GB huge memory, it makes one of the best GPUs for video editing. 1TB/s memory bandwidth and 16GB memory help stutter-free video editing. Because of its giant memory at the disposal, it has optimal graphics performance, which makes the video editing experience even more comfortable. It is one of the best video cards for 4k video editing. 

MSI GeForce RTX 2080

This video editing graphics card is among the successors in the RTX 2080 family. It has a 7680×4320 maximum resolution that can really help you while editing your videos. Its flawless multitasking ability is unmistakable. This video card needs more space to fit compared to other graphics cards due to its unusual size.  

ASUS AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 

If you want a graphics card for video editing that has the ability to render data without any delay, ASUS AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is the one for you. In addition to its powerful memory bandwidth, it also has the latest powerful processing system. If you are an animator, you will experience a 42% faster storage capability with this graphics card. Reasons to buy this graphics card are, it supports six monitors at once, supports display screen compression technology, and has the best features for 4k video editing. 

Final thoughts: Choosing the best graphics card for video editing can make your editing experience better

Video editing can become stressful when you cannot render data without delay. Proper image transmission and 3D rendering require a powerful GPU. Therefore, it is essential, especially if you are an animator or an editor, to select the right graphics card that best suits you. The graphics card you choose depends on the work that you intend to do with it. There are many types of graphics cards with various features. You may not require all of them at once. Therefore, when you intend to purchase a graphics card, go for something that has the features you NEED for your video editing. The best graphics card for video editing depends on you and your work. Get your hands on one of these and let it make your video editing journey much more manageable and entertaining. 


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