Technology has taken the world on a roller coaster ride. It is still continuing to change with the inventions from every corner of the world. The inception of the internet has a lot to do with what the world has turned into today. With continuous evolution, we now have a wireless network where we can connect our smart devices and computers with a simple password. But if you type the wrong password or passphrase, you will not be given access to the network. A wireless network is one of the quickest ways to have an uninterrupted internet connection. It comes in handy when you reset your phone, update your applications, and many more! Therefore, one cannot underestimate the importance of remembering the Network Security Key of their wireless network.

What is Network Security Key?

Most of us know Network Security Key by the names WIFI or Wireless Network password. Those are the most common names that we know of Network Security Key. In other words, it is the password you have to use to connect to a wireless network. Every router or access point arrives with a password that is the default, which you can change through Settings. It is essential to have a WIFI password because it protects your wireless network from unauthorized entries and intruders. Hence, having a strong password for your wireless network is vital.

Once you enter the password and connect your devices to your wireless network, the devices are most likely to connect automatically. This happens especially for those who have wireless networks at home. You tend to choose ‘connect automatically’ whenever you are at home. This means you are not entering the password every time you want to connect to your WIFI. Therefore, there is a huge chance of you forgetting the Network Security Key after some time. Smart devices nowadays store the password unless you reset the device. It makes it comfortable for the person using the device to connect to the wireless network automatically, wasting no time. Often, we tend to forget the Network Security Key because we do not enter it all the time. This is one of the key things as to why we face issues finding the WIFI password.

Network Security Key – How to identify the type

First, you have to find out what type of WIFI security key is used in the network. Without knowing that, it will be difficult for you to find it and reset it. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is one type of passwords. It is one of the older types of keys that people use in passwords. WEP uses a 40-bit key to encode data between the router and the device. WEP keys are not in the scene anymore. A hacker can easily crack the keys and hack your wireless network since it is an older method. Modern routers and access points do not use WEP method anymore because of the high risk of exposing the keys to a possible intruder. The most recent technique of setting WIFI passwords is through WIFI Protected Access (WPA). Network Security Keys that use WPA2 are harder to crack and is very safe.

network security key 2

Nowadays, we mostly see WPA2 type of keys, and most routers do not even support the WEP method. WPA2 is a fantastic method where a hacker cannot easily crack the password. With the ever-increasing cyber-crime and online nuisance, it is so vital to have a strong password that intruders cannot find out. You have to remember that some older devices do not recognize the characteristics of the WPA2 method. Therefore, error messages may pop-up when you are trying to connect an incompatible device to a network with a WPA2 network password.

How to find Network Security Key

There are many scenarios involved in finding the keys to a wireless network. You may have purchased a new router or access point or may want to connect a new device or computer to your wireless network. In both cases, if you do not know or remember the password, you cannot connect to the wireless network. If you have an existing device that is already connected to the wireless network, you can easily find the Network Security Key through network Settings. Usually, when you connect a device to a wireless network, it stores the WIFI password, so it can connect automatically when the network comes within the range.

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Network Security Key on router

What is router network security key? It is the password that the router has to give access to the wireless network. Most of the time, if you purchase a new router, the default password is labeled on the router. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different ways to label the WIFI password. Therefore, you have to be careful to find the right keys as there is other information on the label that can confuse you. When looking for the Network Security Key, you have to look for one of the following options: Password or Key, Wireless password, or WPA key. There will be a Wireless Network name on the label. That is the name of your wireless network. When you try to scan your device for wireless network within the range, the Wireless Network Name will appear in your device. You can find the Network Security Key close to the Network Name.

network security key 3

If you have changed the Network Security Key and cannot remember it anymore, look for a device that is already connected to the wireless network. If you do not have a device that has connected to the existing wireless network, the only way is to look for the password through the access point itself.

How to find Network Security Key Windows 10

If you have a computer that operates Windows 10 and connected to the existing wireless network, you can quickly find the WIFI security key in Windows 10. One does not require to have advanced IT knowledge to find out their wireless network password from Windows 10. Below are the quick steps to follow in order to get the password for your wireless network.

network security key 4

– First, you have to right-click on the Start Menu. There will be a context menu that appears.

– Select ‘Network Connections.

– Scroll down Network Connections until you find the Network and Sharing Center.

– Select your wireless network name from the given list.

– Afterward, click on the wireless properties.

– Click on the Security Tab.

– You will see that your masked password.

– You have to select ‘show characters.’

– Your WIFI password will show up.

How to find your Wireless Network Security key in Windows

How to find Network Security Key on Mac

Just like you can easily find the Network Security Key on Windows 10, you can find the same on Mac quickly. Steps are not the same as Mac is an entirely different operating system. However, you have only a few things to do in order to find the WIFI password that the computer is using. Devices always remember the password to connect automatically. All you have gotten to do is follow through the below steps.

network security key 5

– Click on the magnifying glass icon (search icon).

– Type Keychain Access on the search bar.

– In the Keychain Access, you will find the WIFI network on your top right corner.

– Double click on your wireless network name.

– You have to select ‘Show Password’

– Mac will ask the password of Mac to reveal the Network Security Key.

How to change your WIFI password? 

When you get a new router or access point, you must change the default password. Your WIFI network name shows on every device that is within the range. Therefore, it is crucial to have a password that is not easy to find out. Every router and access point has different ways to reset the password.

First off, you need to find out the IP address of the router. You can find it through your manual or with your computer. Right-click on Start and select Run. Type cmd and hit ‘Enter.’ Type ‘ipconfig’ in the command box and hit ‘Enter.’ You will be able to find some information on the screen. You have to look for ‘Default Gateway’ and the address that follows it.

Afterward, open your internet browser and type the IP address you find in the ipconfig. You can log in to the page of your router. You will be able to find the login credentials in the user manual. Find a page with Wireless Security or Wireless Settings. The best encryption is WPA2. You will be able to change the preset password into something substantial. It is advisable to use Upper-case characters, lower-case characters, numbers, and symbols in your password. Now you can connect to your wireless network with the new password.

Issues and concerns regarding Network Security Key 

The most common notification that you receive when trying to connect to a wireless network is ‘incorrect password’ or ‘Network Security Key mismatch.’ Both notifications mean quite the same thing. There are numerous occasions where you would get that notification when trying to connect to your WIFI.

The most common error is a wrong password. You might simply get the notification when you have entered the incorrect password. Recheck your password to see if you are entering the right keys. You have to remember that password is case-sensitive. Therefore, you have to be mindful use upper-case and lower-case characters as necessary. One of the easiest things you can do is to type the password in Notepad or MS Word so you can see the password. Then, you can copy and paste it on the wireless network password and press ‘Enter.’

Another reason why you would not be able to connect to your wireless network is an incompatible device. There are two types of passwords. Some older devices do not support WPA2 passwords. In such cases, you will be able to scan the wireless network and see it on your device. But you will not be able to connect to it because your device does not agree with the WPA2 network password protocols.

Even though this situation is very rare, it can happen. Sometimes the router or the access point just hangs. A simple reboot will help in such situations. If the problem remains, you will have to contact the service provider for more assistance.

The Bottom line:

Network Security Key is one of the crucial parts of your wireless network. 

Most of us use wireless networks to connect to the internet at our residences and offices. Either way, if you want to connect to a wireless network, you need an access point of a router. Routers are mostly for home use. There is a passphrase or a password to every access point or router. You need this password to gain access to the network. This is what we call a Network Security Key. It is always advisable to use a strong WIFI password for your wireless network due to so many dangerous intruders and cyber-crime. And if you have one at home, it is best if you only share it with whom you trust. Gaining access to a wireless network can have diverse consequences that you do not want.

You can easily follow the easy steps mentioned above and find the Network Security Key of your wireless network. Having a wireless network can give you uninterrupted network access and make all your online work easier. While that is a plus side of the scenario, you always have to make sure your WIFI password is not easy to crack. You would not want intruders using your wireless network and adding to your bill unnecessarily. And if someone uses a wireless network to perform something illegal online, the first step is to find the network used. Therefore, when you purchase a new router or an access point, make sure to change the default password to a secure password that only you can remember. Also, make sure to get a WPA2 router because that is the recent-most method of routers that is highly effective and safe.

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